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Hello! My name is Anja Grote.

I’m a communicationdesigner and illustrator, living and working not far from cologne.
I love my small family, jazz, indie and classical music, art and the art of gardening.

I want to create books and products that make children wonder and that inspire them to explore more and ask questions. It’s important to me to be treating them on a level playing field. Especially through taking care of my 3 year old son I’m often facing the challenge of teaching him rules while getting him to understand that I’m listening to his standpoint and that I am taking his thoughts and needs seriously.

In my work I hope to raise awareness for the wonderful aspects of freedom and fantasy, community, nature and mindfulness. Not beating it into somebody, but with magical art and stories that kids and adults can engage with.

working in 3 different fields at the moment

  • Childrensbooks

  • Advertising

  • Independent Art

If you are interested in the book please check the list of PUBLICATIONS.
You’ll find a selection of my favorite works on PORTFOLIO.



I studied at a private academy in Hennef and finished it with diploma (1,3) in Communication design and illustration.

Since then I’m constantly taking online classes. Since I have a yearly subscription at schoolism, most of them are schoolism courses. So here’s what I took so far:

  • Characters for Animated Film with Daniel Arriaga (schoolism)

  • Designing with Color and Light with Nathan Fowkes (schoolism)

  • Expressive Characters with Wouter Tulp (schoolism)

  • Painting with Light and Color with Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo (schoolism)

  • Watercolor Fundamentals with Gonzalo Carcamo (schoolism)

  • How to Perfect Your Children's Book Portfolio (SVS Learn)

  • Story-Driven Illustrations with Djamila Knopf (schoolism)



My workspace with analogue and digital area. And workmate. wuff.


Oh and, be sure to check out my store! :)



Sybille Eyer

Ulla Grote

Heiko Kunz

Anja Krahl

Antje Obertreis

Andra Morosan

Beatriz Penas

Ama Illustratrice

Klaus Bories-Osdiek

Harald Grote

Siralan Joshua

Marlit Kraus

Sarai Carmichael

Julia Hauser

Michael Grote

Shakina Razale


On Patreon you are able to support your favorite creators. On their pages you can access exclusive content and become a part of the development. Some creators offer physical goodies as a reward, like a pin or prints. That's where we are going with my page, too :)

If you are interested in supporting my independent art – thank you! thats awesome! – take a look at the tiers on the right side of this page and choose the best fit for you. If there are any questions left: Patreon offers a lot of information in the FAQ-Section or just send me a message. I'd be happy to help.

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